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Pink Pup pack posing on the stairs of Yaddo Gardens, a beautiful flower garden and residence in Saratoga Springs New York



Pink Pup is where canine companions find their ultimate paradise. We specialize in providing an all-in-one dog program that goes beyond the ordinary, offering pack walking experiences that foster socialization, growth, and boundless fun. Our expansive farm serves as a haven for play, training, grooming, boarding, and the joy of making new furry friends.

Tim and Porkchop, a pink pup pack member looking lovingly and respectfully at each other, showing a bond between humans and dogs.
Tim and Duke displaying original merchandise that is available at, and feeds 20 shelter dogs with every purchase.


Our passion extends beyond paws and leashes. Our mission is to touch the lives of as many dogs as possible. With every merchandise item you purchase, you're not only embracing style but also becoming a part of our commitment to make a difference. A portion of the proceeds from every sale goes towards providing meals for animals in shelters, a small act that holds the power to transform lives. With your support, we're dedicated to spreading love, care, and wagging tails to every corner where a furry friend needs a helping hand.


At Pink Pup, we are able to meet all of your dogs needs without you having to lift a finger. That’s right, all of our packages include pick up and drop off. Our one of a kind program is designed to fulfill your dogs needs and wants, truly allowing them to live their best life. Every day our pack receives physical and mental exercise, proper socialization, a sense of belonging, the opportunity to grow, and love. 

  • Pick up and drop off included

  • Structured pack walks included

  • Play time in training included

  • On-site grooming services available for pack members— we keep your dog, fresh and clean

  • On-site Boarding available for pack members— your dog gets to have sleepovers with their friends

  • Over 100,000 dogs loose leash walked

Tim's dog Layla posing happily in one of the many fields for playtime at the Pink Pup farm.


If you’re ready to get your dog enrolled, the best time is NOW! Click or tap on the button below to be taken to our form where we can get to know you and your dog better!

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